Adults enjoying their drink

Meet friends outside the hotel Heimspitze at Schmalzbergschöpfle bar and have a drink in the late afternoon. While mum and dad are enjoying a mug of hot wine punch or a hot chocolate while listening to music, children are tobogganing at the Schmalzberg slope.Your children will enjoy it!

You and your children are free to decide where to start so that even the youngest may participate. This means fun for everybody.

Special offer for children

The ski and snowboard school Gargellen offers excellent support for you and your children.

All-inclusive offers make it easy: Our teachers take care of your children during ski lessons, with lunch on request.
Our school offers qualified child care: We take care of your child (2 years and older) in our kindergarten. We offer special ski lessons for children older than three (Küken-Kurs) and older than five years (Pistenflitzer-Kurs). Thus, you can enjoy your day on ski even in the afternoon!

Fun and excitement are guaranteed in Gargellen fun park and Kinderland. There’s the traditional ski race taking place on the final day of your holidays including awards ceremony. Skiing lessons in Gargellen mean fun and qualified care.

Lesson plans:
Sunday to Friday 9.30am – 11.30am and 13.00pm – 15.00 pm
Information and Contact
Schischule Gargellen GmbH (House Valisera – in the middle of the village)
Tel. +43 (0)5557-6401

More than the usual ski hustle-bustle

Besides a variety of winter sports, Gargellen offers some special events, that can especially be recommended to families. As events are so manifolded, we can only grant you a short insight. More information and brochures can be taken from the information desk at the reception or just have a look at the web sites.

Lichtfest (festival of light) and advent market
Homemade products, handcraft and a lot more. Enjoy Christmas spirit and a hot wine punch.

Searching for a hostel – nativity scene
The Christmas story in a snowy surrounding: Mary and Joseph accompanied by guests and musicians, following the gloomy star through the snowy forest as far as the crib.

New Year’s Eve fireworks
Start the New Year with an impressive event: Annual fireworks in front of snowy mountains – what a marvellous event!


Gargellen – highest happiness

Holiday in Gargellen on ski starts right at the foot of the mountains – leave your car and enjoy skiing right up to the door of your hotels or apartment. Slopes in Gargellen start almost right in front of our house and often end at the hillside of the Schafsberg. First take Schafbergbahn lift (for 8 persons) as far as the high plateau of Schafberg (2300m).

Out of the cabin you will immediately reach the popular meeting and starting point, the alpine restaurant “Schafberghüsli.” From the restaurant you will gain stunning views of the excellent mountain scenery including Madrisa at 2612m. Not later than now you will enjoy your holidays, the skiing – take a deep breath, be aware of your surrounding and enjoy yourself! Just a short distance from here you will find modern and comfortable lifts. Leaving the lift you will experience a great ride downhill or simply have a pleasant walk to family-friendly Schafberg.

Kristallbahn, the chair lift deserves further attention: a six-seater chair lift with seat heating and protection cap. The lift gives access to new slopes: powder snow slopes, mogul slopes, slopes especially designed for trendy sports, racing atmosphere, etc. In short: suitable slopes of any level of difficulty are offered to you and your children. At lunch time then family members will meet again at Schafberghüsli or in one of the Alpine huts along the slopes. Enjoy good kitchen and an appealing range of meals!

Slopes with promising names like Täli, Kristallabfahrt, Madrisasteilhang, Birkenegg, Schlüachteck, Standard, Schnapfenwald, Schwefeltobel – names that attract your attention – and meeting your requirements! Fun and an impressive view of the surrounding mountains are provided, such as Schmalzberg, Heimspitze, Ritzenspitzen, Gargellener Köpfe, Schafberg and, of course, Madrisa.

The downhill slopes offer diversity and different levels of difficulty. One of these slopes is the demanding Täli slope, which the whole family will enjoy. A special attraction is that Täli slope ends at the wonderful Kesselhut.

Still more attractive might however be the slope situated at “Birkenegg”. More than the last third of this nice slope provide attractive parts. The slope takes you past the pizza place “Barga” or directly into it.

Last but not least Gargellen’s extraordinary topography should be mentioned! After the last part that takes you along the Suggadin shore, you won’t have to stop at the valley station – just continue skiing, turn right and get to Alpenhaus. We offer excellent downhill slopes almost up to your doorstep!

Cross-country Skiing

Marvellous nature everywhere!

It is its geographical position at the head of a high valley and its topography that Gargellen does not offer own cross-country runs. Demanding cross-country ski trials can be found in neighbouring ski-regions. Experience nature in a beautiful surrounding. Your choice:

Ski run 2000 – taking you around the Silvrettasee reservoir
From January till spring time the highest cross country trials lead around Silvrettasee reservoir (up to 22km long) the path of which is especially prepared for cross-country skiing in winter. First take Vermuntbahn from Partenen and then continue by tunnel taxi to the Bielerhöhe at 2032 m. In the fantastic winter mountain scenery of the Silvrettasee reservoir you will find cross-country ski trails of a very special kind and of any degree of difficulty; this being topped by a trial across the frozen Silvrettasee in deep of the winter.

Circuit of St. Gallenkirch
St Gallenkirch, 9 km away from Gargellen, is easily accessible but offers less snow reliability. St. Gallenkirch provides cross-country roundtrips up to maximum 28 km. You decide which to choose (one trial may cross another). Some runs are even illuminated until 10 pm. Click on “Cross-country runs in the Montafon” for further details.

Panorama cross-country trial Kristberg in the Silbertal
For skiers searching an undemanding trial we recommend romantic Kristberg (11km) in the Silbertal. This one is daily prepared and offers a stunning view of the Rätikon mountains.

Slopes following the Madrisa taking you to neighbouring Switzerland

Pleasant day trips into untouched mountain scenery – flanking Madrisa into neighbouring Switzerland: an offer by the ski school in Gargellen. Your guides are informed about local snow and weather conditions as well as avalanche risks and make your day an unforgettable one. Contact ski school in Gargellen before planning your trip – you will be offered seven different tours of various levels of difficulty, from easy and moderate to difficult and steep.


With walking boots or snow shoes, guided or as far as your feet will carry you!

Amusement in winter – this does not necessarily mean skiing in Gargellen and its surroundings. It means hiking in deeply snow-covered landscapes, experiencing the loneliness and calmness, taking a deep breath of fresh and healthy mountain air and be the first to leave footprints in the fresh snow. These are romantic pictures and impressions for young and old. For what is nicer than sharing this experience later at the open fireside.

There are various possibilities in Gargellen to do so! You may have a pleasant walk or join guided walks with Huskies.  For detailed information on current dates and open trails, click on links and stated below.

The whole range of winter fun !

Are you looking for an alternative?

This is what the Montafon is also meant to be: Ice skating, Ice hockey, Curling, “Pistengaudi” with sports equipment such as snow cycles, snowblades or air boards. Enjoy the Montafon from above – go parachuting, get a thrill on our “Alpine-Coaster-Golm”, High-tech hiding with geocaching … do you need more alternatives?

Have a look at the following links learn about the various possibilities in your surrounding.


Après-ski always means before-ski; apres-ski in Gargellen and its ‘consequences’ the next morning!

Too much party? Been too late for skiing the next morning?

Even Gargellen – although an idyllic and peaceful resort with a rather small skiing area – is a place for hospitality and cheerful atmosphere. There are plenty of things to do after skiing. Enjoy an evening in the Oberwaldhut including a down hill run with lamps, listen to live music at Schafberghüsli, have party in “s Näscht”, “D´r Schirm”, “Ganda Keller” in Gadafent house, “Schmugglerstöbli” at Tialja restaurant or enjoying drink while curling at “Schmalzberschöpfle” – to only mention a few possibilities your host may offer. That is the reason why it might get late!

There’s no need to hurry– the last descent of Schafbergbahn is at 4 pm.

“Water Attack Contest” and “Beach Party” at the “Schirmbar” at the end of the season.

A splashy highlight for all those on boards not being afraid of water at the end of the winter season. The Gargellen “Water Attack Contest” with its party mood and fun for everyone, best entertainment and delicious drinks attracts for the final winter Gaudi and says hello to the swimming and summer season! A special surprise is waiting for all those guests wearing swim suits on this occasion. Become curious? Then click on the link below and have a closer look at this event – and laugh!